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Chrissy Bee's Local Honey

Local honey from our farmers market neighbor Lenore from Chrissy Bee's Honey, Georgetown, De

Lavash Cracker

Lavash flatbread seasoned with garlic infused oil, onion powder, garlic powder, Togarashi spice, paprika and salt


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Backyard Jams & Jelly

Assorted Jams, Jellies and Mustards made with local fruit and produce. Krista is our Famers Market Neighbor and has won many awards for her products


Hummus - 1/2 Pint

Housemade roasted garlic hummus. Paired with our Lavash Crackers, it makes a delicous snack!

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Marinated Olives - Pint

Green and Kalamata olives marinated with Roasted garlic oil, rosemary, lemon and seasonings

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Olive Tapenade - 1/2 Pint

Kalamata olives marinated and chopped with capers, lemon, roasted red peppers, and rosemary

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Chicken Salad, 1/2 Pint

Slow roasted Chicken mixed with celery, apples, onion, toasted almonds,and housemade mayo

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Lemon Curd

Lemon curd is a creamy spread used as a scone topping, but can also be used in pies, cakes, muffins - lots of possibilities!

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Dog Biscuits (10)

Made with oats, chicken stock, wheat bran, wheat flour, milk powder, salt, shortening, eggs and cheese

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