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Assorted varieties, hand picked by our chef. All cheeses are approximately 8 ounces each.  Crusty bread, Lavash crackers or Crostini make a great accompaniment!

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Blue Shrophire Cheese

Also know as the "orange Stilton", offering a fruity tang and texture reminicent of cold butter.  The paste is dyed with annatto, a natural food dye that comes from the tropical achiote tree.  The annato reacts with the curd by softening it slightly and making it slightly creamier than the original version

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Manchego Aurora

Spanish cheese made from the milk of sheep of the manchega breed.  This cheese is aged 3 months to 2 years

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Blue Stilton

Soft blue cheese from England

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ILE De France Camembert.  A soft ripened cheese made in Normandy

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